PA System Hire

We have PA systems available to hire in the Manchester area – suitable for gigs of up to 200 people, in pubs, bars, halls, etc.

  • 2x300W front-of-house active Studiospares speakers
  • 2x250W Yamaha monitors
  • 600W Studiospares subwoofer
  • 12-chanel 25m multicore cabling
  • 12-channel mixing desk
  • 4 channels of DI input (guitars, etc)
  • 6 microphones (3 SM58s, 1 SM57, 1 Sennheiser Evolution, 3 behringer)
  • 6 mic stands
  • Sound engineer available

Lighting rigs

We also have LED lighting rigs available on request. These are low-heat, and DMX controlled.

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  • admin (8 years)

    The equipment’s grown a little bit since then. Full update soon!

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